The Vamadeva Danastutis

This article is a compilation of the Vamadeva danastutis.

A Danastuti, or “hymns in praise of donors”, recounts the gifts or donations received from a king or prince. Such gifts and donations were made in appreciation of services rendered, especially at the end of a successful battle or war. Kings and princes were counseled on strategy, in addition, the seers were known to consecrate arms and weapons to be used in the war as well as use battle charms (often magical) for their patrons and against the enemies.

The danastuti reproduced below – RV 4.015.07-10, suggests gifts received by Rishi Vamadeva from the prince Somaka for services rendered related to the prince’s health rather than war/battle. The mention of the Asvins rather than Indra and the use of phrases such as “may he live, your care” and “cause him the youthful prince, to enjoy long life”, seems to suggest, the Rishi offered prayers or held sacrifices for a ailing Somaka.

Danastuti from RV Mandala IV, Hymn 015, Verses 07-10

Composer: Vamadeva

07 When Sahadeva’s princely son with two bay horses thought of me,
Summoned by him I drew not back.
08 And truly those two noble bays I straightway took when offered me,
From Sahadeva’s princely son.
09 Long, O ye Asvins, may he live, your care, ye Gods, the princely son.
Of Sahadeva, Somaka.
10 Cause him the youthful prince, the son of Sahadeva, to enjoy
Long life, O Asvins, O ye Gods.

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